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Community Contribution Program

eLazos invites Community members to assist with eLazos Open Source projects.

Naturally, you can choose to enhance any open source project in any way you wish, independently, and without any communication with eLazos. However, we encourage you to contact the eLazos Community Contribution team (info <at> elazos <dot> com) when you consider to work on any open source project enhancement. This can provide you with the following advantages:
  • You can get a eLazos engineering contact assigned with whom you can discuss implementation issues.
  • You can get help from eLazos for reviewing your code and providing valuable feedback.
  • You can get eLazos to redistribute your code to the Community, providing your code with broad quality testing by our user community.
  • Through this process you get the chance to better learn how to work on the open source projects code and co-operate with eLazos Engineering.
  • Following this process you raise the likelihood of your code ending up in a official Community release.
If you want to enhance any eLazos open source project and be sure this work is interesting to eLazos we recommend to write to Community Contribution team (info <at> elazos <dot> com). We will review all suggestions and decide what kind of assistance we can provide or if if they should be included in our work plan, based on how this work fits into our roadmap and how it matches the broad interest of the project userbase.

For any questions on the eLazos Community Contribution Program, please contact the eLazos Community Contribution team (info <at> elazos <dot> com).
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